HOLMCO Electroacoustics
Covert Equipment
Special Forces Equipment
Electret Microphone with Gooseneck MG-44/45
Dynamic Hand-held Microphone MH-50-D
Electret Hand-held Microphone MH-50-E
Electret Microphone with Gooseneck MG-60-E
Dynamic Microphone with Gooseneck MG-81
Dynamic Hand-held Microphone MH-50-D
Electret Hand-held Microphone MH-50-E
Throat Microphone MT-01
Dynamic Throat Microphone MT-11
Electret Hands-free Microphone MW-15
Vandal resistant built-in Microphone MW-17
Dynamic wallmounted Microphone MW-58
Microphone Desk Stand with USB Interface D-5 USB
Dynamic Microphone-Loudspeaker CG-41
Dynamic Microphone-Loudspeaker CH-66
Hand-held Microphone-Loudspeaker CH-70
Hand-held Microphone-Loudspeaker CH-78
Small Loudspeaker LW-05
Ear-protector Headset HD-30/31
Dynamic Ear-protector Headset HD-82.1
Headset with Electret Microphone HD-84.2
Lightweight Headset HD-90
Headset for Protective Helmets HL-09
Dynamic Headset with Throat Microphone HL-11
Headset for Motorcycle Helmets HL-14
Ear Protection Headphone with Induction Loop Receiver PD-31
Handset Funk 75
Handset Funk 750 with USB Interface
Splash-proof Handset Funk 60
Digital Handset N-32
Handset N-40SR
Handset N-40R
Handset N-40N
Covert Surveillance Kit ShadowGuard 1
Covert Surveillance Kit ShadowGuard 2
Headset for Special Forces ShadowGuard
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